USA Today May 28 2022 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers May 28 2022

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  • Tablet made by Apple
  • Reverend honored every Jan., for short
  • ___ board (seance tool)
  • Feel bad for
  • Image such as Pleading Face or Sparkling Heart
  • Tree that’s the name of a city in Colorado
  • Feud
  • Stunt biker’s sport
  • “Summer of Soul” director
  • Teensy fly
  • Barbershop stock
  • Scurried like a crab
  • ___ turtle
  • Five-digit postal code
  • Most-liked, for short
  • Mystical light field
  • Anise liquor from Greece
  • Curved path
  • Sleepover attire
  • “You doing well?”
  • Squad of superstars
  • Sound from a cow
  • Insect that likes lamps
  • “Geaux Tigers!” school
  • Barbershop stock
  • Aliens, for short
  • Cassette ___
  • Big wasp
  • Thing to twist when tuning a violin
  • ___Pen Jr (lifesaving device)
  • Flies off the shelves
  • Fashion designer Azzedine
  • Turtles lay them
  • April ___ Day
  • Ship’s detection system
  • Movable strip on a sitar
  • ___-bitsy
  • ___-cup bra
  • Light ___ featherend
  • “if u ask me . . .”
  • Matar dal veggie
  • “Low and slow” food, for short
  • Outlet insert
  • Parts of glasses
  • Tall Australian birds
  • Similar
  • Upon
  • Corporate bigwigs
  • Producer who boycotted the 1989 Grammys alongside the Fresh Prince
  • Take legal action
  • 1:1,000,000, for example
  • One-___-million chance
  • Palindromic flour
  • Opposite of anti
  • Pole ___ (Olympic event)
  • Advanced academic degree
  • Rice paper-wrapped appetizer
  • “Love, Simon” actor Lendeborg Jr.
  • Chaotic scene
  • Gives in
  • Affinity for sugary foods
  • www.cheyney.___
  • Chip dip
  • Move like a bunny
  • Big shade trees
  • Informative ad
  • Coral ___ (endangered marine ecosystems)
  • Olive discard
  • In an positive emotional state
  • “. . . unfortunately”
  • Past the deadline
  • Out of the picture
  • Move cautiously
  • Name in order
  • Criticize harshly
  • Prayer surface
  • Express in words
  • ___ Lanka