USA Today May 4 2021 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers May 4 2021

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  • “Couldn’t tell ya”
  • Buckeye State resident
  • Word after “cruise” or “rent”
  • Singer Diamond
  • Melee in which feathers fly
  • Moving rentals
  • Fight back
  • ___ Tome and Principe
  • ___ on the side of caution
  • Not let go of
  • Drew idly
  • Evening views
  • UAE city
  • Prefix for “binary”
  • See-through
  • Sacred garment for a healing dance
  • Gestures of agreement
  • Moving rental
  • Lip of a cup
  • Stats for students
  • “Oy ___!”
  • Normal
  • Weight training builds them
  • Mound built by worker insects
  • Like some beards
  • “I wanna learn!”
  • ___ headache
  • Firmly in place, like a tree
  • Steamy spa rooms
  • “___ you sure?”
  • William Dorsey ___
  • Handball, for example
  • Place for a cat flap
  • Laptops, e.g.
  • Female deerend
  • Nonfiction movies, for short
  • Aretha Franklin always carried hers on stage
  • Physical music releases
  • “That sounds potentially terrible”
  • Lead-in to a rumor
  • Fannie ___ Hamer
  • Three times three
  • Group that might organize a work stoppage
  • “Couldn’t tell ya”
  • Connections
  • Boat-rowing tool
  • Dangle
  • Sound of keys on a keyring
  • “Haven’t gotten any updates”
  • This clue’s number divided by IV
  • Vietnamese New Year
  • Breadmaker’s creation
  • Sprinted
  • Deities
  • Making higher, like a price
  • What kilograms are a measure of
  • Sapphire, for example
  • Future lawyer’s exam
  • Sch. in Chapel Hill
  • Not super outgoing
  • Gets some more mileage out of
  • Narrow waterway
  • Fizzy drink
  • Batteries smaller than Cs
  • Butter-making device
  • International soccer competition
  • Bit of personal news
  • “That’s terrible!”
  • Fantasy creature with pointy ears
  • Pastries that are often triangular
  • “In the Balance of Power” author ___ H. Ali
  • Wily
  • Transmits
  • The Nap Ministry focus