USA Today November 22 2020 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers November 22 2020

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  • ___ Alto, California
  • During
  • Pacific Northwest inlet
  • Firepit remnant
  • Prearranged time
  • Christmas candle scent
  • Naengmyeon topping
  • Braying beast
  • Tax on imports or exports
  • Tel ___, Israel
  • Soft drink choice
  • Still hasn’t paid
  • Get the suds out
  • Negative conjunction
  • Like depth, among dimensions
  • Address for multiple knights
  • Jogging pace
  • Duck, duck, ___
  • Drive forward
  • Herbivore with three toes
  • You may fall down one while researching something online
  • Lesser of two ___
  • Lack of difficulty
  • Alone
  • 2014 Olympics host city
  • Blessing
  • Fenty Beauty founder, to fans
  • “Sorry, already got plans”
  • Tough decision
  • Applies a mist to
  • Abrupt movement
  • “The Matrix” protagonist
  • Emeli Sande or Kelly Macdonald
  • The Chicks, e.g.
  • Long swimmers
  • Model Holliday
  • Anna Netrebko delivery
  • Fantasy sports datum
  • Losing team in the 2019 Solheim Cup
  • Popular wedding ao dai color
  • Coconut butter is high in itend
  • Proud pair
  • Veggie that rolls easily
  • ___ rice (Japanese/Mexican fusion dish)
  • Cause to chuckle
  • Big trucks
  • Declare publicly
  • Storm discharge
  • Reverent verse
  • Over with
  • Honeybee homes
  • Russian rulers of old
  • “Bring on the weekend!”
  • “Oh yeah?”
  • Devoid of mistakes
  • Desserts with toasted marshmallows
  • Poncho feature
  • Model Sambora
  • Magnum ___ (masterwork)
  • Memorial bios
  • At-bat stats
  • Name that becomes another name if you add “He” to the beginning
  • Revered figure
  • Safe to consume
  • Far from avant-garde
  • Candice Patton’s role on “The Flash”
  • Hassle
  • Like brand-new candles
  • Back of a boat
  • Oak or poplar
  • “How long ___ it been?”
  • Comfy bed or hot shower, e.g.
  • Like hands after eating youtiao
  • Meeting, casually
  • Michelle Obama’s eldest
  • Throw gently
  • Commercials
  • Bugged