USA Today November 27 2021 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers November 27 2021

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  • “All ___!” (conductor’s cry)
  • Nikola Jokic’s country
  • Teacher’s preparation
  • Square dance location, maybe
  • Fail to mention
  • Number of forms for the goddess Durga
  • Competitive advantage
  • Pedi’s partner
  • “You’re blocking my view!”
  • Skinny ship
  • Molecule in chromosomes
  • Sheetful of cookies
  • Aptly named ghost in the Mario franchise
  • “And more like this” (Abbr.)
  • Compete
  • Aristotle Athari’s show
  • Jazz saxophonist ___ “Lucky” Thompson
  • Device dropped in triumph
  • “Not ___ bet!”
  • Starbucks “large”
  • Capital of GA
  • Sketcher’s purchase
  • Not even a little scared
  • Hit hard
  • Name hidden in “lava lamp”
  • Type
  • Antiquated
  • Clean ___ whistle
  • Treaties
  • Octopus’s home
  • Series of performances
  • Make loveable
  • ___ Nevada mountains
  • Use a colander
  • Animated movie set in Brazil
  • Crushing on
  • Short, repeated musical passage
  • Store that sells meatballs and bookcases
  • Pottery oven
  • Poker payment
  • Sushi chef Jiroend
  • One of two languages in Deaf West Theater productions
  • Shape of some dog toys
  • Like some salsa
  • Hive insect
  • In the thick of
  • Cobb salad ingredient
  • Surgical areas, for short
  • Engagement jewelry
  • Yellow fruit
  • Process for mailing in a ballot from out of state
  • Hilarious person
  • Tokyo 2020 org.
  • “Friday Night Vibes” channel
  • One might be shown off on the floor
  • Is wearing
  • Part of a script
  • Color of some sapphires
  • Purple flower native to Tanzania
  • Vicinity
  • Like sequoias
  • Passport marking
  • Lustrous piece of eveningwear
  • MLB Opening Day month
  • “Who ___ you?”
  • Foot or yard, e.g.
  • Swedish actress who played Lara Croft
  • Not completely against
  • Similar
  • Significant time period
  • Birds’ homes
  • Turn to a puddle
  • “Shea Butter Baby” singer Lennox
  • “. . . approximately”
  • Sheet of glass
  • Dashed