USA Today November 30 2020 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers November 30 2020

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  • Kidlit heroine Longstocking
  • Criminal deception
  • Unfriendly in appearance
  • Letters on cartoon dynamite
  • How someone might look in all-black clothing
  • Item at the top of the L.A. Angels logo
  • Norwegian capital
  • “The ___ of a Clown” (Miracles hit)
  • “No hard feelings?”
  • Tel Aviv’s country
  • Train for boxing
  • Oklahoma city
  • Carpet alternatives
  • Camp cracklers
  • 4-Down sound
  • Defensive bump in volleyball
  • Center of the Earth
  • Heavy instruments
  • Like some risky propositions
  • Strong desire
  • “___ of the D’Urbervilles”
  • Hurtful remark
  • Jai ___
  • Short-term employee
  • Lawn care brand
  • Sauna stuff
  • Sum
  • Loud insect
  • Operator of Acela trains
  • Spam folder contents
  • Request for delivery
  • Sam on “The Muppet Show,” e.g.
  • Excessively expensive
  • Cough syrup amounts (Abbr.)
  • Horse coat color
  • Chef Burrell
  • Onetime VHS competitor, informally
  • Online bidding platform
  • Word substituted out in “herstory”end
  • Deflating noise
  • Scoring attempt
  • More judicious
  • Wrinkle-removing appliance
  • Holder of flowers
  • Channel for college sports
  • Haircut line
  • Jazz legend Fitzgerald
  • Anagram of “cigar”
  • ___ quiz
  • They might creak when stepped on
  • Exclamation of accomplishment
  • ___ gin fizz
  • Like a nonstop flight
  • Very nearly
  • Scout’s award
  • Ins’ counterparts
  • Mineral source
  • “Ramy” actor Mahershala
  • Light frozen desserts
  • Old-school icons, in hip-hop slang
  • Dashed
  • 500-sheet unit
  • Domesticates
  • Leopard or jaguar, e.g.
  • Swimwear brand
  • “If you ask me,” in texts
  • Spanish for “mothers”
  • Sci-fi ray
  • Gotham City signal
  • Underwater detection system
  • ___ Thomas, first Black athlete to medal at the Winter Olympics
  • Bigger than big
  • “Kung Fu ___” (2008 animated film)
  • Abbreviated list ending
  • Ocean landmass
  • Tiptoe, say
  • Mantas, e.g.
  • Dance movement