USA Today October 18 2020 Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Answers October 18 2020

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  • Touch lightly
  • “___ you for real?”
  • City near Fort Lauderdale
  • Lead-in to “home” or “phone”
  • Twice this clue’s number
  • “if u ask me . . .”
  • Sunlight-blocking hat
  • Threatening words
  • Company hidden in “Paolo”
  • Sudden stream
  • Hoops great Smith
  • Arctic vehicle
  • Dried poblano
  • ___ position (curled-up pose)
  • Girls, in Spanish
  • Speak from a podium, say
  • Girl Scout’s accessory
  • Pick up the check
  • By and large
  • Many residents of Dearborn, Michigan
  • Beginning
  • “Same here!”
  • It might open to a deck
  • Strike-organizing group
  • In itself
  • Enterprise lieutenant
  • ___ Lauder
  • Chihuahua, e.g.
  • Reference book with maps
  • Osaka-born tennis champion Osaka
  • First in the rankings
  • Game related to bingo
  • Center of India’s National Capital Region
  • Twelfth of a foot
  • Some ER workers
  • Matcha latte holder
  • That, in Spanish
  • “Anywhere” singer Rita
  • Boggy groundend
  • Things opened in browsers
  • One way to record for later viewing
  • Makes inquiries
  • Dim sum restaurant emanation
  • Abu Dhabi ruler
  • Australian gem
  • Praline nut
  • Nostril-blown instrument
  • Parenthesis shape
  • Grand ___ Opry
  • Get ___ of (ditch)
  • Nickname for Minnesota
  • Saxophonist Jane ___ Bloom
  • Boathouse sticks
  • Auditory organ
  • Defense grp. that’s an anagram of 40-Across
  • Line on a softball
  • Drink like a cat
  • Lots
  • Long-eared leapers
  • Bugaboo
  • Sight or touch
  • Ballerina’s skirt
  • Chicken ___-fry
  • Ballpark figure (Abbr.)
  • Grandmother, in Tagalog
  • FaceTime platform
  • “In a show of competitiveness . . .”
  • “Cats” star McKellen
  • “Compound” part for a fly
  • Took the reins
  • Paris cathedral
  • Emotionally distant
  • “Gimme a break!”
  • Heavy burden
  • Clambake setting, maybe
  • Joints below waists
  • ___ boots (’60s footwear)
  • Saffron-producing country