Wall Street Journal April 1 2020 Crossword Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers April 1 2020

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  • Purveyors of puns
  • Part of the healing process
  • Make sense
  • Taj Mahal site
  • Brownish purple
  • Brother, in Bretagne
  • Like one playing basketball in a suit of armor?
  • Shire of “Rocky”
  • Name of a noted Roman fountain
  • Claustrophobia-inducing tests
  • “Believe” singer
  • Jack and Jill’s mishap?
  • Hunting hound
  • Orange tuber
  • Drivetrain part
  • Sentence subject, usually
  • Tease maliciously
  • Chlorine or fluorine
  • Cat food?
  • Feel sorry about
  • Printing problem
  • Carol, e.g.
  • Jet stream heading
  • Bucolic spot
  • Proves versatile
  • Meadow with plenty of room for trotting?
  • Pulmonary organ
  • Bathtub need
  • Raze
  • Rub the wrong way
  • Tax return?
  • Public outburst
  • Walk unsteadily
  • Teaspoon or ton
  • Witch attacks
  • Far from assertive
  • Not as much
  • Ride the breeze
  • Assistant in reanimation
  • Simple test question type
  • Rescue from a wreck
  • Three-mo. period
  • New York’s governor
  • Future oak, maybe
  • Suit
  • Back on barques
  • Former coin of Greece
  • Capital of the Mughal Empire
  • One of the archangels
  • Necklace item
  • Tablet
  • Retiring
  • Carson’s successor
  • Countess’s husband
  • Porter’s burden
  • Academic challenge
  • Meditating utterances
  • Hovering craft
  • Sister, of a sort
  • Rumor source
  • Eject
  • Brings in
  • Square root of nueve
  • “Zounds!”
  • “There’s no more,” to a toddler
  • Affording peace
  • Computerized contrivance
  • Havarti additive
  • Camera feature
  • Pound part
  • Supplementary structure
  • Startle
  • Indian cash
  • Match grammatically
  • Yale rooters
  • “Why don’t we!”
  • “You bet!”
  • Variety