Wall Street Journal August 14 2019 Crossword Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers August 14 2019

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  • Returnees from Mecca
  • Qualified for the job
  • Angel’s nightmare
  • President Barham Salih, e.g.
  • Indistinct memory
  • Humdinger
  • Work out the kinks at the Ocean Spray plant?
  • Plow pullers
  • “It’s Alright (I See Rainbows)” musician
  • Mineral with easily separated sheets
  • Brandy barrel material
  • View kaleidoscopes with loathing?
  • Middle-school-aged Girl Scout
  • Pre-1991 map abbr.
  • “Horatio, ___ do forget myself”: Hamlet
  • For fear that
  • Lunar lander in 1969
  • Spray graffiti from coast to coast?
  • “___ wish” (Westley’s line in “The Princess Bride”)
  • Rwanda native
  • Start of some trips
  • Warriors’ org.
  • Some marijuana dispensary buys
  • Cast aspersions on Wall Street?
  • Wedge-shaped inlet
  • Adjective target
  • Carrier from 1930 to 2001
  • Shipwright’s tool
  • Impede ovulation?
  • Give up
  • Oklahoma city named for a Tennyson character
  • Flight part
  • Graduate exam
  • Tipsy types
  • Architectural Digest focus
  • Took cover
  • Is for you?
  • Mocking comment
  • “The exact words were…”
  • Small seal
  • Simian sidekick of “Aladdin”
  • Provider of overhead coverage
  • Caribbean saint name
  • Puts up
  • Character in Progressive commercials
  • Vegas casino-hotel shaped like a pyramid
  • City of western New York
  • Many slam dancers
  • Elbow, say
  • Puzzled
  • Takes risks
  • Uplift
  • Saw things?
  • Middle of QED
  • Musical conclusion
  • Moo ___ pork
  • They’re under les chapeaux
  • Bass parts
  • Suffers the agony of defeat
  • Objectives
  • Top-shelf
  • Prized cigar
  • Reason for an NSFW warning
  • Battery poles
  • Soul-searching direction
  • It may have a propeller
  • Harry’s rival at Hogwarts
  • You might get down from it
  • Miata maker
  • Good, in Granada
  • Dark
  • Sinuous fish
  • App pop-ups
  • Key for canceling
  • Earth, in combinations
  • Weimaraner warning