Wall Street Journal January 14 2021 Crossword Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers January 14 2021

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  • Presidential middle name of 1881
  • Tree with catkins
  • Target of Cleopatra’s “Be angry and dispatch”
  • Where emperors resided before the Meiji Restoration
  • Omega rival
  • Carmen’s “Come again?”
  • Like an active surfer?
  • Coffee container
  • Ring setting, sometimes
  • A milliard years
  • Online birthday greeting
  • Message for each of Henry VIII’s spouses?
  • Hasn’t left the office
  • Up for the day
  • Gillette brand
  • Oft-spoofed Shatner scream
  • Mormon Church, initially
  • Suffers from a fear of icicles?
  • Hill, in Hebrew
  • One, on a one
  • Outback order
  • What Gene Kelly was doin’ in the rain
  • Uffizi collezione
  • Motivations for midnight snacking?
  • Bending body
  • Smoothie berry
  • William McKinley’s first lady
  • Is for two
  • Cat’s nine-part allotment?
  • 5, in the NBA
  • Pole staff
  • Butcher shop buys
  • Snake’s route
  • In-demand invitees
  • Like bubble baths
  • Muscular dog
  • Already
  • Quebec follower
  • One-time connection
  • Simple organisms
  • Dazed
  • Was inclined
  • NBA’s Atlantic, for one
  • Scrape (out)
  • Blush
  • Brand with a Classic Ice Blue version
  • Blackjack option
  • Awaits, as a decision
  • Bigfoot’s kin
  • Gender prefix
  • Mideast money
  • “LOL”
  • Part of QED
  • Toward the tail
  • Tops at the gym
  • Pitching subs
  • Its logo includes a stylized Dutch crown
  • Buffalo-to-Baltimore dir.
  • Veggie with an edible pod
  • Still competing