Wall Street Journal July 12 2019 Crossword Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers July 12 2019

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  • Talk up
  • Recipe step
  • 20-minute rejuvenator
  • Rebound
  • ___ Minor
  • Pungent bulb
  • Ollie performers, pejoratively
  • Works, as a profession
  • Item in an alley
  • Queen of Carthage
  • ___ Mae (Whoopi’s “Ghost” role)
  • Fishing device with many hooks
  • Metaphor for a shocking surprise
  • Acting expert Hagen
  • Italian pasta sauce option
  • Hasbro, e.g.
  • Plopped down
  • Cervical cancer diagnostic test
  • Cathy’s cry
  • Pile of garbage
  • Univ. aides
  • Co-writer of “Soul Man”
  • Aces, in dominoes
  • ICU readout
  • Playthings stuffed with rolls
  • Love object of Waylon Smithers
  • Native displaced by mid-1800s gold prospectors
  • PBS science show
  • “Good idea!”
  • Give a talking-to
  • Outage insurance
  • Aromatic spice
  • W, once
  • Ooze from a conifer
  • Real gamble
  • Protein-rich bean
  • How a pawn might feel
  • Recipe amts.
  • Oscar nominee for “The Great Dictator”
  • “___ Touch This”
  • B’way buy
  • Dutch Guiana, today
  • Big topic in U.S.-China relations
  • Analogy words
  • ___ al Ghul (Batman villain)
  • Pet Shop Boys, e.g.
  • Off the boat
  • GameCube successor
  • Fair hiring abbr.
  • Some ICU staff
  • Text tightener
  • Cry of surprise
  • Sculptor della Robbia
  • Maker of yellow vehicles
  • “Please, go on!”
  • Wipe
  • Some savings plans
  • Rainforest rodents
  • Metro station, in Boston
  • Subject of Sultan Qaboos
  • Pitchers’ desires?
  • They may be checkered
  • Law, metaphorically
  • Italian pasta sauce option
  • Woman loved by Heracles
  • Fiesta quaff
  • Word before or after recording
  • Forceful
  • Some bills
  • Indian breads
  • Pathetic turnout
  • Play an air guitar, maybe
  • Seneca’s student
  • Loops in, briefly
  • “I hadn’t thought about it like that”
  • Chatspeak qualifier
  • Modern phone feature
  • “The Simpsons” shopkeeper