Wall Street Journal July 8 2020 Crossword Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers July 8 2020

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  • Grammy alternative
  • Yard makeup
  • Post-lecture sesh
  • Leave ashamed
  • Il secondo numero primo
  • Targets of interventions
  • “Same for me”
  • Epoch division
  • “Let ___!” (“Go ahead!”)
  • “On the ball” or “off the wagon,” e.g.
  • Entree sometimes paired with mint jelly
  • Pulpit speaker, briefly
  • Idyllic area
  • Resistance unit
  • Concern for Keynes, for short
  • Conspiring
  • Place to put on a suit
  • Burning desire
  • Imitating
  • Overhead
  • Like sashimi
  • Beginning
  • Copier tray abbr.
  • Summer forecast
  • Exploratory spacecraft
  • Election night shower
  • Language of many Ghalib poems
  • Eon division
  • “Three Sisters” sister
  • Logan International Airport code
  • Old-timey photo hue
  • Suffuse
  • Come into sync
  • Awed texter’s response
  • He played Jefferson in “Jefferson in Paris”
  • Suspended
  • Pod particle
  • Filing need
  • “The Glass Bead Game” author
  • Show satirized on “30 Rock”
  • On a tanker, say
  • Rock bottom
  • Put up with
  • From around here
  • Concerning
  • Far from original
  • Loyal employees, in 1950s lingo
  • Consider
  • Dish with bacon, cheese and eggs
  • Inhalers inhibit it
  • Mystery award presented by the Wolfe Pack
  • Faucet flaw
  • North African reptiles
  • Classic Western ditty
  • Gaucho’s weapon
  • Paternity test material
  • Potent joe, informally
  • Original
  • What the circles represent, given the words they hold
  • Beekeeper in a 1997 film
  • Grub
  • Trig follower, for some
  • Glee club member
  • Dump diner
  • Approve gesturally
  • Coup target
  • Wrinkly-faced pet
  • Simulates
  • Permitted
  • Startlingly weird
  • “Later, gator!”
  • Bathrobe securer
  • Glamour rival
  • Apt papal moniker
  • “Sorry ’bout that!”
  • NYC site of “Christina’s World”