Wall Street Journal June 14 2018 Crossword Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers June 14 2018

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  • Deck disinfector
  • Balletic fulcrum
  • Tiger, e.g.
  • “State Fair” setting
  • Cow chow
  • Interweave
  • Really impressive little strummed instrument?
  • Page link
  • Bringers of news
  • Environmental club member
  • Ltr. container
  • Defective printer supplies?
  • Name that means “pleasure” in Hebrew
  • Less fresh
  • Booming
  • Cryptozoology subject
  • Onassis’s capital
  • Part of a canoeist’s itinerary?
  • Bewildered
  • Out of shape
  • Norton Sound port
  • Points of view
  • Rick’s old flame
  • Uncomfortable hairpieces?
  • Dashing bird
  • Grant, Garfield, Hayes and Harding
  • Party animals
  • Chinese brew
  • What a new ice skater may unpleasantly encounter?
  • Sprinkle with sugar or flour
  • “Fire away”
  • Literature Nobelist Morrison
  • Give one’s blessing
  • Craven behind the camera
  • Play starter
  • Lugubrious sound
  • Proved durable
  • What the absent-minded lack
  • Potassium-rich dessert
  • Fall sound
  • Squirrels’ hangouts
  • Check out
  • In addition to
  • One way to shrink back
  • Fierce look
  • “Meet John Doe” director
  • Happy as ___
  • Rebellious period, often
  • Conspicuous
  • Secures with strips
  • Icelandic epic
  • Repellent ingredient
  • Wd. in a thesaurus
  • They get into hot water
  • Filling station adjuncts
  • Change of life?
  • Their settings are settings
  • Realty ad datum
  • Where a pilot might get lit
  • Alcoholic’s affliction
  • Fencing moves
  • Head protectors
  • Now, in Nogales
  • One whose life is proverbially carefree
  • Howdy’s surname
  • Goal
  • False front
  • Sorts
  • Allison’s “Mom” co-star
  • Play hooky
  • Corvine cry
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