Wall Street Journal May 18 2021 Crossword Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers May 18 2021

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  • Marco from Miami
  • Shake the confidence of
  • Jazz technique
  • City southwest of Kyoto
  • Quotation book abbr.
  • Particular places
  • *Caught without a glove, in the ballpark
  • Bills featuring Washington’s portrait
  • Search for yourself, in a way
  • Dealt with
  • Animal’s abode
  • Unreliable source
  • Feudal toilers
  • *Bitter vegetable of the mustard family
  • Pale tan color
  • Attendance no., often
  • Slipshod
  • *Los Angeles fossil site
  • Upscale camera type
  • Bill featuring Jefferson’s portrait
  • Lotion ingredient
  • *Singer often called “The Queen of Country”
  • Have a big crush on
  • Profound
  • “Grey’s Anatomy” network
  • Month before febrero
  • Resort section of San Diego
  • Check the price of, in a way
  • Customizable toy franchise, and what a part of each starred answer can do
  • Joyous wedding dance
  • To be, to Berlioz
  • Man with a code
  • Stretches of history
  • Number on a dime
  • Barney Rubble’s wife
  • Like judges and spa guests
  • Grammar topic
  • Member of the nobility
  • Musician Turner and actor Barinholtz
  • Kahana Bay setting
  • Noncanonical stories by devotees, for short
  • “Then what?”
  • Saldana of “Guardians of the Galaxy”
  • Phases out
  • Like larghissimo compared with largo
  • Lowest female singing voice
  • Swedish group with the 1994 #1 hit “The Sign”
  • “___ folly to be wise”
  • Folksy Guthrie
  • “Try ___ might…”
  • Nail polish remover ingredient
  • Iconic Parks
  • Kinsey research topic
  • Texter’s “Gimme a minute”
  • Futuristic 1921 apek play
  • Copier tray abbr.
  • Hearst magazine focused on interiors
  • Sauce with eggs, cheese and bacon
  • List-shortening abbr.
  • Blown away
  • It’s between a birdie and a bogey
  • Land in 46-Down
  • Mexican Mrs.
  • They may sell naming rights
  • Sea, to the French
  • Bank worker
  • Popular tablet
  • Fit for sentry duty
  • Really good time
  • Singer Mariah
  • Stay in line
  • Doorway part
  • Orchestra instrument
  • Filly or jenny
  • Language related to Hopi
  • Saver’s option, for short