Wall Street Journal October 10 2019 Crossword Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers October 10 2019

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  • “Uh-huh”
  • Breakfast drinks, for short
  • Controversial flavoring compound
  • “That’s what I thought!”
  • Fertilization targets
  • Broadcaster’s boo-boo
  • Jersey call
  • Dish with ham, onions and peppers
  • Family possessive
  • Plane figure
  • Prank involving a futile search
  • Thomas Anderson’s alias in a film trilogy
  • Amazonian menace
  • Convince people you’re a person, for an A.I.
  • Mischievous sort
  • Inconvenient thing to hit
  • Unlikely prom king or queen
  • “Shoulda listened to me!”
  • “I don’t recommend doing that”
  • Java setting
  • Unseen assistant
  • Goopy sealant
  • Circle of latitude that bisects Australia
  • 4.0
  • Tempeh base
  • Person destined for greatness
  • Quick hit
  • CPR expert
  • Neighborhood near SoHo, and a hint to three squares in this puzzle
  • Spike behind a camera
  • Cut, in a way
  • “How r u?”
  • Block during a show
  • D.C. clock setting
  • Suggest as a price
  • Insurance letters
  • He spends his final years on Dagobah
  • At all times
  • Sheet of stamps
  • Salute with feet?
  • Saint honored on September 30
  • “Do the Right Thing” pizzeria
  • Kind of season or call
  • Take no action for the time being
  • Recipient of a 2010 bailout
  • Became, in life
  • Persecute relentlessly
  • Major vessel
  • Rendering undrinkable, as alcohol
  • Big name in skateboarding shoes
  • Egypt’s Mubarak
  • Creative outlet?
  • “This is awful!”
  • Hummus dipper
  • Old Testament book
  • They may result in nobody winning a majority
  • Melted glace
  • Bring up
  • “Rats!”
  • Shows boldness
  • Playbill info
  • Sounds from pounds
  • Portrayer of Hoover and Hughes
  • Chanel creations
  • Warning words
  • Crash causes
  • “That fly is mine!”
  • Dermatologist’s concern
  • Express Amtrak option
  • Diamondbacks shortstop Nick
  • Anna’s Disney sister
  • Clean
  • Target of some fundraising
  • Key mistake
  • Dawn goddess
  • Bug