Wall Street Journal October 18 2021 Crossword Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers October 18 2021

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  • 2012 movie set in Tehran
  • Tourist office freebie
  • Noisy free-for-all
  • Garish garment
  • 10:1, for one
  • Rigorous appraisals
  • Fans’ favorites
  • Bummed out
  • Circumference segment
  • Learns to cope
  • One of an iPod accessory pair
  • Pronoun paired with she
  • Cry like a baby
  • Playground fixture
  • Attempt
  • Witch’s prop
  • Org. for the Atlanta Dream
  • Sturgeon eggs
  • Largest blood vessel
  • “Without further ___…”
  • Paper purchases
  • Hallucinogenic drug
  • Sweetie
  • Country south of Egypt
  • “___ Misérables”
  • Reverberated
  • City near Lake Tahoe
  • Snake eyes sum
  • Demand on a bill
  • Island where bubble tea originated
  • ___-mo replay
  • Furious state
  • When we learn of Ophelia’s drowning in “Hamlet”
  • Turkey’s peninsula
  • Selected
  • Dachshund, humorously
  • Shelters for campers
  • Flub
  • Concerning
  • “What a pity!”
  • Almond ___ (toffee treat)
  • Dictionary entries in bold
  • Like 7 and 11
  • Slip
  • Gallery showing
  • Scoreboard fig.
  • 2009 Kate Hudson/Anne Hathaway comedy
  • Speed gun technology
  • Sitting on
  • Droop in the heat
  • What red ink signifies
  • Leading lady
  • Basil and dill, e.g.
  • “Moby-Dick” captain
  • Whole bunches
  • Bit of morning moisture, and a hint to 3-, 8-, 30- and 34-Down
  • Steph’s sport
  • Came up
  • ___-Caps (theater candy)
  • Tropical air movements
  • Cato or Caesar, e.g.
  • Simple question type
  • Caused a stir
  • “That’s the spot!”
  • Currency in Austria
  • Bus. sch. subject
  • Less challenging
  • “Like a Rolling Stone” singer
  • Unexpected plot development
  • Alaskan city where the Iditarod ends
  • Diplomatic skill
  • Muscle woe
  • Take ___ the chin
  • Carrot or radish
  • Consequently
  • State of wonder
  • Madam’s counterpart
  • Radio host Glass